School social workers aim to help students grow socially and academically. Depending on the student, they may do this by helping students resolve issues like bullying, school absences, and other conflicts. They may also help students cope with disabilities, behavior management, and mental health issues. Other duties for a school social worker may include:

  • Counseling students
  • Creating individualized plans to help students improve
  • Managing case records
  • Reporting any child abuse or neglect
  • Educating parents on available resources to help their child
  • Providing some teacher training (i.e. in behavior management)
  • Attending educational planning meetings
  • Advocating for students, families, and resources

Owatonna High School School Social Workers:

Nancy Williams
Social Worker
(507) 444-8825

Casie DeVos
General Education Social Worker
(507) 444-8859

Kari Black
Discovery Social Worker
(507) 444-