Criteria for Eligibility


Do you have a friend, relative, or former classmate that you think is worthy of being inducted into the Owatonna High School Athletic Hall of Fame? If so, here’s your chance to nominate that individual(s).

Many qualified individuals have played an important role in the history of OHS Athletics – athletes, coaches, and individuals from the community have all played a significant role in the promotion of athletics at OHS. The OHS Athletic Hall of Fame was formed to recognize and pay tribute to these outstanding individuals.

Nominations can be submitted at any time throughout the year. Those nominations received prior to January 1st will be considered during that upcoming selection of candidates. Nominations remain on file indefinitely. Please do not assume that someone has already been nominated, or that the Selection Committee has already received sufficient information about these individuals.  The more history, stats, and facts that can be added to what may already be on file will serve to provide that additional insight that the Selection Committee may need when making their decisions.

Following is the Criteria for Eligibility:

A.             Athletes

1.   To be eligible, an athlete must have participated in athletics while attending Owatonna High School .

2.   The candidate must have graduated from OHS a minimum of ten (10) years prior to his/her nomination.

3.   The candidate must, during and following his/her career, have exemplified the attitude and conduct that is a credit to Owatonna High School .

4.   The selection committee will use the following achievements as “guidelines” for selection purposes: 

                                                           i.      Competed on a Big 9 championship team, and/or

                                                           ii.      Competed in a state tournament as a individual or was on a team that qualified for state                      competition, and/or

                                                          iii.      Earned a letter in a more than one sport or earned multiple letters in a single sport, and/or

                                                          iv.      Earned a championship title in an individual sport, and/or

                                                           v.      Earned an MVP award in a selected sport, was voted to an all-state team or an all-conference team, and/or

                                                          vi.      Was a statistical leader or a record holder in a selected sport.

B.             Coaches

1.   The candidate must have completed coaching at Owatonna High School at least five (5) years prior to nomination.

2.   The selection committee will use the following achievements as “guidelines” for selection purposes:

                                                            i.      Coached a team that won a Big 9 championship, and/or

                                                           ii.      Coached a team or an individual in state competition, and/or

                                                          iii.      Had a minimum winning percentage of 50%, and/or

                                                          iv.      Earned a conference, region, state, or national coaching award, and/or

                                                           v.      Was instrumental in building a successful athletic program.


C.             Community Members

1.   Any person who has made a significant and continuing contribution toward promoting athletics at Owatonna High School .